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Tips to lose weight

Weight Loss Tips

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tips to lose Weight :
In todays world,everyone wants to stay fit.
Fat people want to get slim.For this diet is
very important.It is not as difficult to loose
weight these days as it used to be.Inorder
to have a dynamic personality, it is required
to have a little determination and ability to
control the urge to hog all the wrong snacks.
Control on your eating habits will go a long
way in helping, you stay in the right shape.

Meal Management :
While aiming to loose weight following must
be remembered :
1. Include whole cereals,legumes and pulses
in your diet as these are fibrerich and provide
the feel of fullness sooner.
2.Skipping meals will not help,as you will
end up eating double the amount in your
next meal.
3.It is a better idea to have frequent smaller
meals throughout the day,say at an interval
of 3-4 hours (i.e. 4 meals a day).
4.The advantage of small frequent meals is
that they supply few calories at a time which
are burnt quickly in the daily processes
rather than being deposited in the body as fat.
5.Eating snacks in between meals should
be avoided.
6.Chewing well and eat patiently as this
decreases food intake and gives high
satisfaction to 'saiety centres' of brain
that control hunger.
7.Include thin clear soups in the diet before
meals as they are poor sources of calories
but volumous, hence fill up the stomach faster.
8.Include salads in meals as they are fibre rich
and less on calorie count.
9.Avoid sleeping during daytime.
10.Exercise really Helps!!! Even a 20-30 min
walk in the morning or evening increases the
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of the body for
the next couple of hours. So, even after you
stop exercising , your body will continue to
burn calories at a faster rate than normal.

What to Eat :
Lean Meat /FishThin Clear Soups
Fruits (Except Banana,Chikoo,
Custard Apple,Mango,Grapes)
Salads without heavy dressings
Green Leafy Vegetables
Skimmed Dairy Products
Skimmed Milk

What to Avoid :
Fat and Oils
Oil Seeds
Colas and Fizzy Drinks
Whole cream milk
Heavely sweetend tea and coffee
Excessive alcohol
Egg yellow
Fatty FishCheese,
Cottage CheeseButter,Ghee

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